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Breaking down structures to build a brand made for diversity.


All of Us is a diversity network working to promote non-white people working in the creative industries. They help companies and organizations like H&M, Google and Universal Records work towards being more inclusive as brands and employers, by holding workshops, tailor-made training and acting as advisors. As their commitments are increasing, the need for a new brand became apparent.


All of Us aim to change the structures and views on how talent fits into society, rather than changing the talent. “You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole” became the guiding notion, shaping the logo into rudimentary forms, while spelling out the initial letters. The logo became the starting point for an inviting and dynamic brand, with an expressive visual identity, using shapes and colors reminiscent of those found in many cultures, without appropriating. The typefaces Min Sans and Satoshi are drawn by non-white typeface designers Tien-Min Liao of Typeji and Deni Anggara of Indian Type Foundry.

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Type design, Min Sans: Tien-Min Liao, Typeji

Type design, Satoshi: Deni Anggara,Indian Type Foundry/Degarism

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