Communicating a product for a new generation of artists, together with a new generation record company.


Since 2015, the next gen record label and digital music distribution service Amuse have been reimaging the music industry. Their services have been widely celebrated by artists, industry leaders and big-name publications such as Wired and Billboard – and recently Fast Company named them on the prestigious “World’s Most Innovative Companies 2020” list.

Earlier this year, Amuse wanted to empower the booming community of independent artists even further and released an addition to their service offering: Amuse Pro. OKTO was asked to support this premium tier launch by creating the strategic communication and product messaging.


We asked ourselves: How do we communicate a change in the product and pricing model, without agitating our fans? How do we enhance the value of both the free and the premium service? How do we find a tonality that works across music genres and audiences?

We came up with the concept “For the artist. For the pros.” The new messaging was rolled out across multiple platforms, including the homepage, logged-in services and social media.

For the artists.

For the pros.

Amuse Pro is the set of tools that helps you unlock the next level of your independent music career. Get access to fast lane releases, add team members with royalty splits and put your music on Instagram and TikTok. Sign up now!


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