Rebuilding a brand for a new generation of car owners.


Autoexperten has 430 auto repair and maintenance shops throughout Sweden and Norway and 50 retailers for auto parts and an e-commerce platform catering to both private customers, enterprises and corporations.

Autoexperten is transforming its business and identity to fit a new set of modern challenges for the auto repair industry. The increasing complexity of modern cars, new perspectives on look at car ownership together with increased expectations on services and sustainability to name a few.


We helped Autoexperten with a full brand repositioning, complete with a new brand platform and a new visual identity, aimed towards a younger, more conscious target group, in order to create conditions for a more unique market position and increased customer acquisition, retention and profitability. A new brand platform was based on three prominent communicative pillars; Sustainability, Efficiency and Control.

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We want your car to last. Because we believe in fixing what is broken instead of replacing it, so it can live on today and tomorrow. It’s better both for your economy and for our environment.

Autoexperten. Longer live your car.

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