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Turning one of Sweden’s biggest gaming studios into a family of brands.


Avalanche Studios was founded in 2003 and has since then established itself at the forefront of innovative game development within the Open World segment and has long been associated with major gaming ventures.

Avalanche Studios has since then evolved into a widened range of game types, vastly different from the games that made Avalanche Studios famous, which has created a need for a new organizational setting, meaning three creative departments with different offers underneath the umbrella brand.


To better encapsulate each brand, OKTO were asked to develop unique brand positioning and visual distinctive identities for the overhead organization and the three creative divisions.

To keep the strong brand equity and external clarity for the umbrella brand, Avalanche Studios, OKTO created a brand portfolio strategy where the overhead organization was named Avalanche Studios Group; the partner division, Avalanche Partners, inherited Avalanche Studios and the self-publishing divisions, Avalanche Publishing and Expansive Worlds, were fully endorsed.

Thereafter, OKTO developed a vision, which also is used for a communicative tagline, for Avalanche Studios Group, as the guiding star in all brand work – Worlds beyond limits. Enabling the brands to become four parts of a puzzle, all sharing the same visual distinctiveness and vision. The vision was then translated into four unique brand positioning platforms and four visual distinctive identities.

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