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Bower is a Swedish startup, with an app that lets you recycle not just PET bottles and aluminium cans but any packaging or container, and get rewarded for it. Just scan the container, using the app, and drop it at your closest recycling station and you’re good. They first launched in Sweden under the name PantaPå. But to help them take their recycling movement global we developed a new brand platform, brand name and visual identity.


The new brand is built upon the aim to make recycling a part of everyday life, something that has positive connotations and counteracts the gloom and doom usually associated with topics like recycling and climate change. How do we make recycling feel contemporary and fun, even in markets that are less mature when it comes to recycling? And how do we make it work from the smallest badge to the largest billboard, from the digital space to the physical world? We got inspired by the Australian bird Bowerbird that collects and sorts trash at its nest. Say hi to Bower.

The logo required a symbol that would work from the smallest application on products to large billboards. We opted for a stylized Bowerbird made up from geometric shapes and an even thickness so ensure scalability. We also wanted to bring some connotations to circularity and plurality into the shape.

We paired this with a handdrawn sans-serif based wordmark that borrows details and shapes from the logotype. We also gave it some liveliness and quirks to give it some life.

While many other certification and organisation labels gives credibility when it comes to the manufacturing process, associating with the Bower brand means that the brands takes responsibility for what happens to the remains after a purchase has been done. We developed an ecolabel for partner brands to use on their packaging. It was important for this label to work on a multitude of applications and sizes. We decided to frame our Bower symbol with arrows in order to clarify the purpose to potential users.

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