Brilliant Minds

From an annual symposium to an iconic year-round impact organization.

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Brilliant Minds and their annual symposium have attracted speakers such as President Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg, Pharrell Williams and Naomi Campbell. Now they are evolving to a year-round impact organization. Following a global down-year during the pandemic, Brilliant Minds Foundation wanted to gear up.


There are people, products and brands that never seem to go out of time. These consistently seem to rise above the pack and take on a completely different weight and meaning compared to the competition. They become the symbol for what they represent, the beacon that every other competitor looks up to and strives to be. They exude the paradox of availability and exclusivity, mystique and charisma. They are timeless and authoritative, thinkers and doers, with a clear persona. We call them icons. And this is exactly what the refreshed Brilliant Minds brand encapsulates.

We created an iconic look with a more coherent brand expression that scales well through everything from stationaries, digital products, social and events. A system of gradients that brings life to the brand expression and frame system that ties it all together. A scalable brand supporting a number of sub-brands, from symposium to podcast to private dinners. This is Brilliant Minds.

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  • Creative Consultant: Brandon Bostic, Yohbe Studio
  • Logotype: Studio Akademi
  • Photography: Jean Lapin and Adrian Pehrson

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