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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s 2023, of course it’s a drone. And it’s through these drones Globhe provides high-quality imagery of our planet – from anywhere in the world. With operators placed in every corner of the earth, you’ll get the type of data you need, when you need it – ordered from one simple platform. You get the deal. It’s pretty cool. But as cool as it is, their strategy, identity and communication needed an update. And that’s where we came in.


If not packaged right, Globhe can seem quite complex. So in order to tell the world how easy it is to order drone data, we made the Globhe brand more straightforward and moved away from a traditionally technical viewpoint, towards being the simple, easy and smart choice. The new strategic direction was encapsulated in the make-shift tagline “Understand Wherever”. This, together with an identity refresh, a new website and movie-like ads created a coherent and strong brand – showing you how simple it could be.

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