Flower arrangements that last.



Flower arrangements can bring life into any environment. At least for the first three to six days. Then they mostly bring a weird smell and a sense of neglect. But not with Lilja. They offer artificial flower arrangements, a type of arrangements that historically has looked very much like the material they’re made of, but through Lilja’s craft they look, well, like flowers. Believe us, we’re still perplexed. And these arrangements are yours, just a few clicks away on the invention we like to call the internet.


In order for Lilja’s brand to look as beautiful as their flowers, we got to work. We crafted a new identity with a flowery symbol (of course), a new wordmark and typography with a lot of emotion. This, together with a bold color palette and a natural but slightly elevated photography style tied it all together and created a distinct Scandinavian look with a lot of personality. Have a look for yourself.

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logo plain
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