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Osmond Foundation is a Swedish non-profit organization founded in 2020 to support research and education in the rapidly growing field of psychedelic science. Osmond Foundation supports the first modern clinical trial using psilocybin at Karolinska Institutet, and works actively to address challenges associated with the field. Norrsken is a long-time donor and supporter of the work. In 2023, Norrsken decided to take the next step in their partnership with Osmond and welcome them into the Norrsken family and rename it to Norrsken Mind Psychedelic Science Initiative.


The new identity and website is tailored for Norrsken Mind’s journey ahead. Striking the right balance between psychedelics and research was crucial in order to communicate that psychedelic research could be a potential game-changer for the treatment of psychiatric disorders such as depression, PTSD and addiction. Through this re-brand, we wanted to drive increased awareness of Norrsken Mind’s work and further the scientific understanding of psychedelics, and open new doors to partnerships and funding.

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“OKTO not only grasped our project and challenges, but also actively delved into our world and tailored the brand accordingly. With a leaned in approach, they adapted and focused on our true needs, ensuring the brand aligned perfectly with our objectives.”

– Nina Wenström, Art Director at Norrsken



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