An online infinite canvas for a consistently inconsistent brand.


Oatly is a brand known for their creative approach to marketing rule-breaking. They excel in that. Unfortunately, their .com-experience hasn't allowed them to execute the same level of creative freedom online, and consistently across markets. So how do you build a global online presence for a brand that is famous for being consistently inconsistent?


Creativity first, the heavy tech later. The Oatly Infinite Canvas is a portal into the Oatly world of hard facts, important info, oat milk business and of course – nonsense.

It is a canvas built to serve the every whim and spark the Oatly Department of Mind Control can conjure up – ever-changingly random with a super-gridded system, a highly irregular experience with a clearly boxed in back-end. An experience built for creative freedom, that encourages exploration and just like the brand itself breaks the rules for how marketing “should be done”. A seemingly overwhelming amount of content? NO! (Yes.) Scrolling horizontally? NO! (Yes.) Changing the navigation between the sections? NO! (Yes.) A gigantic hand-cursor easter egg? Why not?

The Oatly Infinite Canvas is a place where a brand that employs full creative freedom in the real world now also can do it online, again and again and again.

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